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2012 was one of the greatest years for the cooperative movement. We leveraged the opportunities of the United Nations’ International Year of Co-operatives (IYC 2012) and organized a number of programs and events to raise awareness of and to promote growth of cooperatives. However, IYC 2012 is just a starting point for the cooperative development in a real sense.

In Japan, a new national cooperative alliance “Cooperatives Japan” was formed in May 2013, replacing the Japan National Planning Committee for IYC 2012, to commemorate the spirits of the IYC and to continue pursuing the goals set by the National Planning Committee for IYC 2012: To increase awareness about co-operatives and to promote growth of co-operatives. To this end, “Cooperatives Japan,” which consists of 25 national co-operative organizations, is engaged in various activities, including: organizing workshops, requesting to governments and providing various co-operative information via website (e.g. Overview on co-operatives and IYC, what is going on at the local level to increase awareness and to promote growth of co-operatives, etc.).

For information about cooperatives in the world, please visit the website of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA).

What's New
2018/11/14 96th International Day of Co-operatives Forum Held in Tokyo
2017/08/18 Cooperatives Japan has created an infographic that describes cooperatives in Japan
2015/02/12 JJC holds a Joint Seminar with ICA“The Roles of Co-operatives and Potential Impacts of the Regulatory Reform”
2014/05/30 JJC (Japan Joint Committee of Co-operatives) and 6 cooperative organizations announced a joint statement titled, “Co-operatives express deep concern about the proposal on agricultural reform.”
Overview of Cooperatives in Japan
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