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JCA publishes Statistics on Cooperatives in Japan

The Japan Co-operative Alliance (JCA) published an English version of the “Statistics on Co-operatives (SOC)“ for the 2018 Business Year (SOC2018) on 22 October 2021.

The JCA first put together SOC in 2020 for the 2017 business year (SOC2017). Some of the key numbers of SOC2017 were translated into English, which can been found on our website, but a full translation of SOC was made for the first time for SOC2018.

SOC is based on statistics of various cooperative sectors in Japan, which have been published by ministries and national cooperative organizations. SOC also includes value added in 2018 by the Japanese cooperative sector, which has been calculated by the JCA by subtracting the intermediate inputs such as raw materials from the turnover.

Some of the key numbers in SOC 2018 are:

– The number of cooperatives in Japan are around 42 thousand.

– Cooperatives in Japan have more than 105 million members (members of multiple co-ops counted accordingly).

– More than 36,000 facilities are available to members.

– Over half of all domestic agriculture, forestry and fisheries output is shipped and sold through cooperatives (6.0 trillion yen).

– Cooperatives‘ share of savings and deposits is 23% (303 trillion yen).

– Cooperatives‘ share of loans is 20% (159 trillion yen).

– Value added by the cooperative sectors in Japan is 5.4 trillion yen, 1.9% of that of all the private sector in Japan.


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